Bondsure is built on an interesting premise – allowing tenants to pay their rental bond in instalments while protecting that bond against property damage and extra cleaning with insurance.

BondSure’s ideal customer is employed, possesses a good credit rating, and is motivated to make alternative use of their existing funds (such as buying a new sofa or TV). Unfortunately their website did little to speak to their target market, and faced some issues in establishing trust and credibility.

In 2017 Ten Four was brought into the picture and made strides with digital display and Facebook advertising, along with designing accompanying landing pages. These efforts were eventually augmented with a website redesign and build.

The Challenge

Bondsure needed more traction. While they were actively pursuing affiliates and online marketing initiatives, once users were drawn to the site they did not convert.

Given the nature of their service there would always be some unavoidable friction (i.e. bank statements and credit checks). It was my task to pinpoint other areas for improvement and devise a more rewarding user journey.

Some specifications for the build included:

  • Increase engagement on the site
  • Improve conversion rate
  • Promote trust