Ulysses Total Cleaning


Ulysses Total Cleaning is a highly regarded Gold Coast company that provides superior cleaning services including carpet cleaning, bond cleaning, fire restoration, crime scene cleanups etc.

They are head and shoulders above their competition, investing heavily into specialised training and equipment in order to better serve their clients.

A previous misadventure had left them with a bloated, confusing and unprofessional site that had arguably done more harm than good when tendering for larger contracts.

In 2017 this was all to change, as I was contracted to provide them with a website that captured both their professionalism and breadth of services, while facilitating improved conversion rates.

The Challenge

Ulysses Total Cleaning had an outdated website. It did not convey the premium approach that was a hallmark of all other areas of their business, and the entirety of the site was a far cry from where it needed to be.

In approaching this project, it was clear that their previous designer had not considered the informational architecture of the site or paid much heed to the user experience. As a result my challenge was not only to design and roll out a new website, but also to guide my clients through an iterative design process so we could arrive at a synergy between their business principals and their online presence.

Some specifications for the build included:

  • Present Ulysses Total Cleaning as a professional company offering high-quality cleaning services
  • Ensure each service is given equal due – make it clear that UTC is about far more than cleaning
  • Create a platform for incoming enquiries
  • Improve search engine visibility
  • Ensure scalability in line with other marketing initiatives
  • Implement a blog to help highlight UTC as an authority in the industry
  • Back end to be robust, flexible and easy to use

The Solution

This project was an opportunity to showcase how a structured design flow can positively impact both the final product and the journey towards it. Utilising Axure RP, I created an interactive prototype. The benefits to this are clear:

  • An interactive prototype speaks to content and function
  • It allows everyone to focus on the core underpinnings of the site
  • The flow-on to design is more logical
  • Reduced time ‘pushing pixels’ as amendments are reduced
  • Reduced scope creep as everyone is on the same page without any undisclosed expectations
  • Early understanding of content required on each page – this gives the client an understanding of what needs to be written, where it will be displayed and how much of their input is needed

By deploying an interactive prototype prior to any ‘traditional’ design, I was able to:

  • Explain the reasoning behind the inclusion of each element
  • Increase trust and value
  • Make the development phase smoother and faster by referencing the structure and functionality laid out in the prototype

One of the conversion optimisation techniques I employed was a leading enquiry portal. This is designed for users that are time-poor or prefer a direct line to having their query resolved. The four main areas of the site are also accessible at this point should the user decide to continue browsing before committing to a form submission.

The training and accreditations possessed by Ulysses Total Cleaning serve as credibility markers, an important step towards building trust with the user.

My Role

This was a freelance project. As such my role was a broad one – sales, account management, UX and UI design, development, QA, optimisation and support. A few hats to be sure, but projects of this scale don’t generally allow for many cooks in the kitchen!


After gaining an understanding of the client’s current business and goals for the website, I served as the fulcrum between the client and their clientele – providing insight into user expectations while serving the needs of the business.

I provided the page template designs in lead up to development, determining the look of the site from top to bottom.


All development work (HTML, CSS, Javascript and custom PHP functions) done with love.


Not one to settle for lacklustre performance, I also applied server-side optimisations and caching, as well as implementing security measures to better protect the site from unwanted guests.