Gallery Group

The brief

Gallery Group is a national Australian property company focused on innovation in design and cultivation of communities.

Ten Four had been working primarily with their residential division Gallery Homes and other peripheral brands, however as these progressed the parent company was in need of alignment and advancement in its own right. To that end a unified brand and accompanying style guide was required, as well as a new website design that reflected the company’s maturity and full range of capabilities.

The solution

Ten Four was called to unify Gallery Group with it’s sub-brands (Gallery Homes, Gallery Luxury, Gallery Developments, Gallery Specialised Projects, Gallery Real Estate, Gallery Asset Management, and Gallery Securities). In conjunction with this it was necessary to upgrade Gallery Homes’ website design, firmly establishing the prescribed style and consolidating the sub-brands therein.

Given the vastly different needs of site visitors, I employed some small measures to assist them on their journey. For example, I was careful to lend equal weight to each of the main site segments, while also allowing for self-segmentation if so desired. To further enhance wayfinding, I applied a subtle colour accent to each section.